API Overview

We provide a web API, located at api.zoom.it, for programmatic access to Zoom.it.

Just like the site, you give it the URL to an image on the web, and you get back a Zoom.it short URL and an embeddable viewer.

In addition, the API exposes the underlying Deep Zoom Image and surrounding metadata, which you can use to power your own apps and experiences.


Our API quickstarts help you hit the ground running in no time at all.


Our API offers both RESTful and non-RESTful behavior and supports both XML and JSON (as well as JSONP) to make it easy to use across a variety of platforms.


Our API reference provides detailed information about the objects we return and the methods we expose.

Helper Libraries

We provide helper .NET and Silverlight class libraries to abstract away the low-level logic of making HTTP requests and parsing XML or JSON responses.


This service is an experiment. As such, we recommend using it to progressively enhance your app's experience rather than depending on it for your app's functionality.

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